Thursday, 13 July, 2006

Writers against Terrorism - call for contributors

My friend Danish Husain has started a collablog called Writers Against Terrorism. An extract from the first post:
This blog is an attempt by writers to address issues of terrorism, fanatacism, bigotry, war, censorship, human rights violation, women's rights and any act which violates the idea of justice and fairness.

I invite you to post your comments, opinions, ideas and issues pertaining to these. Let's come up with suggestions to make our world safe and terror free.

If words are your forte and you think have something worthwhile to say and contribute to this blog then shoot me a mail at dan[DOT]husain[AT]gmail[DOT]com


  1. Hi ,

    First there shall be no "Dear" here. If he had heart, he would never have done this at first place. A heartless, emotionless individual can only do this work. He will realise this when one of his own will be blasted in a train by another group of militants. That day he will look for his death.

  2. I think the Govt. of India is lagging behind in coping up with the present terrorism in the country. It seemed, we failed to deal with the condition. Could not we follow the policies of States like Israel, USA and U.K. in tackling of the actions of these barbarians? Is Our Country is too small to deal with the Terrorists?

  3. What can we say to those terrorists when some of our own so-called 'cultured' society people are selling confidential defence documents? If the media reports are to be believed the defence strategies of our country for next 20 years have been leaked out!
    Wide spread corruption and dirty vote-bank politics that is eating away this country will have to be dealt with sternly. And perpetrators of hate, they may be supremo of Shivsena or CM of U.P., must be shown the might of law.

  4. We Indians in particular hindus need to bypass the path of media, politics and 'harmony' when it comes dealing with terrorism and our security. This has actually become a question of our identity and existence. If we look at history our pacifist nature has made us tolerate all kind of insults, conversions and aggressions. Pakistan, China and US are having a go at us again and again and we foolishly laugh, take the beating in the name of resilience. Why do we need useless phone calls from US and UK while we are getting screwed by Pakistan and Islamists? Why we look outside for sympathy We don’t understand. It seems we have become a nation of hijdaas. We must harden up at this point of time otherwise we don't deserve a place in the history of mankind and known civilisations. We need to look inwards to protect ourselves, harness our own strengths, we don’t need words and sympathy from phoney outsiders.

    What we need is an 'Indus organisation' working in background independent of political and democratic institutions. Due to corruption, lack of competent people and infiltration of foreign spies these institutions (IB, CBI, Left, Cong, BJP, Police, Armed Forces, Media) can not anymore be relied upon to give us security and respectable life.

    Indus will be used to execute our strategic policies, protect our civilisation, dismantle terror using indiscriminate force and literally if needed use all dirty tactics in a discreet manner. We didn't do this when moguls came, when europeans came, when british ruled, when chinese attacked, when pakis alomost nuked us. See the results now.. a fragmented, pathetic India ruled by cowards who can’t even take pakistan’s name in front of International media in fear of rattling some meaningless peace process nobody in pakistan cares about. See our bloated fattened IB, RAW and Police officials totally clueless about terrorist attacks and incapable of even preventing an US spy becoming RAW sub-head and tapping Prime Minister’s phone line.

    The so called diversity has become a curse to our mother land. We can’t today even trust our prime minister who behaves like a numb head when terrorists attack and kill our innocent brothers, sisters, sons, daughters. We have only been treated as a sheep in the world so far. Nobody gives a damn about India’s problems. And why should anyone since we couldn’t even assassinate one Dawood who killed almost 800 innocent people in 1993. We have to prove we are not a looser religion. We have to use aggression. Peaceful means don’t work with brain-washed jihadists. For god’s sake, all hindus get this straight in your heads, minds and hearts.

    We can not solve the terrorism problem with concepts of love and harmony. We have been stupidly following these mis-guided principals of non-violence while turks, sultans, moguls, french, portugese, british, chinese, pakis and americans have been raping our motherland. Love and harmony would have worked for instance with a pacifist minority of buddhists or some sub-sect of hindu religion. My friends I am not instigating violence. If we don't rise and fight now history will judge us as cowards unfit of independent existance. In another 100 years Indian continent will be part some middle-east country with a tiny hindu minority working as slaves.

    We are not against muslims in India who have unfortunately forgotten that they are genetically still Indus and their ancestors were forcefully converted by mogul aggressors. The muslims in India are told by their overseas masters not to say 'Vande Mataram'. They have become zombies and most of them want to make India an Islamist nation. One shameful example: Fire crackers are lit in Hyderabad, Auragabad, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Allahabad and parts of Mumbai when pakistan wins a cricket match against India.

    Unfortunately we have been brainwashed to believe by our selfish coward politicians and mis-designed education system that ultimately the ‘truth’ and ‘right’ will prevail with a divine intervention. This is not going to happen. The times have changed. In today’s world full of imperialist west and jihadi middle-east only force and ruthless vengeance can save a country like India. Take Israel’s example. This is a wake up call to all hindus. This is a last chance to decide our own fate.

    We want back our land Pakistan and flush away the occupiers to middle east. We will break the back, nose, limbs and head of anyone who dares to hurt us.

    We will face resistance by idiot pseudo-secular hindus like Mulayam Singh (represents selfish politicians) Arundhati Roy (represents overrated but useless arty-farties) and, Amartya Sen (represents tired outdated intellectuals with western influence lacking respect for Indus heritage). We will have to ignore them since they have been blinded by the ‘love’ of muslim brotherhood and so called past 600 year multi-cultural history. What they have forgotten is that the hindus were totally humiliated, raped, looted, enslaved, chopped and exploited during these times. We don’t care about them. Our history shows some of our own people joined hands with outsiders and caused debacle of our nation on countless occasions. If time comes we will have to ‘deal’ with such traitors as well. Traitors in all parts of world are hanged except in India where they become ministers, join Left or become foreign spies in police, RAW and Media. What a shame!

    Indus does not represent RSS, BJP or hindu fundamentalists. Indus has no political ambitions. Indus does not want and need any positions-of-power and fame. Indus will operate independently and only in favour of Hindu heritage, its preservation and its expansion.

    Indus needs hindus of all castes and colors from all walks of life. Strategy to be used is of aggression, pre-emptive strikes on our enemies and their extermination. Do you want to join Indus? Indus needs you.

  5. i feel our goverment is weak/fragile/gutless and scared. They don't have the balls (sorry ladies) to take action against these fanatics.

    We should respond like Israel, assissinate the heads of such groups and take some very harsh decisions to get our message across.

    Enough lip service, now our govt should show what happens when you mess with an over 2000 yrs old civilization: you are not heard of in the next 2000 yrs

  6. @angelz

    Loved your letter.. its something i'd been meaning to type down myself.

    I refuse to believe terrorism is a country or religious issue. The real terrorists arent so-called islamic militants. The real terrorists are the power and money hungry individuals and corporate societies that use the guise of relgion to rake up trouble amongst innocents.. It is in the destruction of our normal ways of living that their profits lie. More terrorism = more fear = more money spent on security = more profits for the real terrorists.

    If the reader studies what mao and the chinese are doing within China and Tibet.. or what every power hungry dictator has done throughout history, including the recent carnage brought about in the middle east within the last few years, they would know what am trying to get at.

    Love you all alike.. hindus, muslims, christians, pakis, afghanis, human beings.. it is time for us to unite against the real forces of evil!

  7. Guys,
    The media is fooling peple saying that the spirit of Musmbai, Reilient mumbai, they dont understand even a bit of ground situation. It is our helplessness, it is our desire to feed our people it is our fear of losing jobs that drives us next sday to work...
    Not the ambigious sopirit that the media is creating to feel the people of mumbai and trying to avoid the hard Questions.....
    It is a hard fact that terrorist attacks happen in India becoz of the presenc of Muslims...
    Why doesnt Islamic millitant attack Brazil or Argentina or south american nations becoz the muslims are not enopugh in their countries...
    Local support was critical in executing these bomblast...
    And their are many muslims in India a majority who want ot convert Indian into an Islamic natiosn it is beocz of this that they dont adhere to family planning thus gratly improving their voting share...and copnquering India with opur own democracy....
    Muslims intellectuals always stated that they want to live in a secualr Democratic nation when in Minorty and in an Islamic shari natio when they are in majority,....
    Hindus awake or eles u'll flee like the jews fro ur own m,otherland...just see what the condition the Hindus are i Pakisthan and Banghladesh...
    In pakisthan from 12.5 to 1.5% Hindu s came down at presen tfrom the time of Independece persecuted...
    iN Bangladesh the % came down from 35 to 12 % and the media is not revelaing any information of this why bveocz of vested interests and the Terrorsim in Nagaland and the North East is for the Establishment of a Christian Republic ....
    Wake up the Media is deceiving us...

  8. Please don't think that the attack and murder of our masses is destiny we have to accept. The attacks have started from the time of Mohammed of Ghauri, to 1948 Kashmir, 1965 Kashmir, Kargil, Varanasi, Akshardham and countless others. We have seen these culprits throw pig meat and cow meat on the same day in mosques and mandirs. There is no need to go into the root cause of these dastardly acts, since it is a well proven fact by now. It is known to the common man that Pakistan is flushing our country with hatred, drugs, counterfeit notes, arms and jehadis. Pakistan wants our people to bleed in our own land. . This is a derivative of the policy of the USA that it fights all its wars, outside its homeland.
    The need of the hour is too compel the government to act against our enemy.
    Secondly, remove the security to the VVIPs and give it to the common people. Most of our police are absent at the site of crime because they are busy escorting the VIPs.
    Premptive strike is the only remedy, because no amount of Red Alerts can save us. It is like wearing a protective shield, without stopping your opponent from attacking you. Your shield has been punctured enough.
    To attend to the root problem of jehadis is to question the falacy in their act and educate them that Zannat is in the Earth and nowhere else. This cause can be best taken up by our Muslim brethen, who can really educate them of what the Quran says.
    Rajendra Joshi