Thursday, 20 July, 2006

Offers of help here, please

If you know of schools, colleges, hotels, individuals, etc offering shelter to stranded people, leave a message here, please.

Leave a full address and directions if possible. Thanks.

Post-dating this so it stays sticky. It was first posted at approximately 9.20p.m on 11th July.


  1. I got a breaking news alert from CNN IBN that people stuck near Sidhi Vinayak and Prabhadevi can try seeking shelter at Rachana Sansad college,which will be open thru the nite.
    278, shankar ghanekar marg,Prabhavadevi 400025
    Phone 2431 0807
    (i am from Kerala and have no clue about the place.just sharing the information...keep up the good work !)

  2. Rachana Sansad is behind the Ravindra Natya Mandir on the road that is parallel to the main road, going towards Worli.

    The injured are being treated at Lilavati, Cooper, Hinduja, KEM, Bhabha and Nanavati hospitals.

    Someone please post this!
    Link for places for stranded people

  3. Status udpate on 12th July, 9 am

    Made the journey from Andheri to Lower Parel on road (WE Highway & Tulsi Pipe road)

    The roads are smooth, people seem to be going about with their daily life. Looked like some trains are running on the Western line (heard a radio report that Churchgate to Andheri is up & running, trains till Borivili are running 15 minutes late)

  4. Got another helpline number: 23004000 (from Yahoo!)

  5. There is an NGO called prompt medical services. You can contact
    Mr. R.Gopalakrishnan, Head – Medical Services CO-Ordinator
    Prompt Medical Services,
    A-602, BLdg 1, “AAKANKSHA”,
    Wasari HIll, M.L.Road,
    Goregaon (West),
    Mumbai 400 062

    Tel : +91 22 28748043 (Direct)
    Helpline : 098921 34567
    E-Mail :
    Website :
    Mobile : 09370414145 / 09371 414145

  6. i just saw the report on a news channel about this blog thats out helping the hapless people in Mumbai. excellent work for humanity. god bless you all.

    i urge people to stay alert in public transports be it in any city specially in metros.

  7. Just wanna say....I am so proud to be a Mumbaikar. I live abroad so there is nothing I can do physically to help, I wish I could.My heart goes out with seaming pride to ALL those people who have come forward to help their fellow Mumbaikars in this critical hour of need.Keep up the noble work guys...

  8. I am proud to say i am a mumbaite, Mumbai has always stood united and have fought aginst any insane human act.Being away from my country please accept my condolences to all the families who have lost their dear ones, May god bless their holy soul. Cheer up mumbai we have truly shown home grown guts and declared that 'Come what may, we will not allow the coward to cower us down'.My heartiest wishes to all the mumbaikars for being together and united. Keep up to the spirit,May the spirit be enlightened in every Indian's heart Enough of this khoon kharaba.

  9. My school is very eager to help but we arent sure as to how exactly. We students are deeply affected by this but are unsure as to what to do. Any feasible ideas woould be greatly appreciated!!! There is also a candle drive at gateway to india tonite as a memorial to those who passed tonite!! all welcome!

  10. You guys are doing a marvellous job with this blog. I would like to see more links cross refrencing all search efforts on various websites, so that people looking for info on loved ones can search all fora available. I am including a link from NDTV God bless you all.

  11. Missing Person

    Name - Joseph Noronha

    Age - 56 yrs

    Height - 5'6"

    Weight - 60 kgs

    Complexion - Fair

    Was Wearing - A Short Sleeves White Shirt with Blue Stripes and Bluish-Black Trousers

    Body Identification - Has scars/stitches in his left hand, chest and legs.

    His picture is uploaded in NDTV MISSING PERSON SITE

    You can contact the following:

    Nancy Noronha - 9819688494/28078101
    Corinne Noronha - 9820689265
    ---------------------------Posted By

    IF anyone has information about this person please inform Nancy or Corinne-----------------------------------------------------

  12. Hi

    I am a Mumbaikar too, right now out of the country , my folks stay at Vashi which thankfully has not been affected..does anyone know of any institution or the govt. collecting donations to help the injured and rehabilitate those affected? I would like to contribute something ..feel sad that I am not there physically to help out.. but itz fantastic to know that aamchi mumbai is up and about again..thatz what makes me so proud !!

    - Karthik

  13. I'm from St.Xavier's college,dhobitalao, and am shocked ,not to mention appalled by the recent spate of events-both at mumbai and srinagar.I must've escaped these blasts by a couple of hrs...i am petrified of stepping into a train now!What do i do?How in the world are we supposed to avert such situations?And can everyone please stop blaming the police,govt etc?They are as helpless as teh common man...Kudos to all the Mumbaikars out there who've helped others tirelessly thru the nite-it was exactly like the floods we witnessed last year...let's all keep praying for the families of those affected, i know that nothing right now can be of consolation...what's with the tv news channels going crazy trying to fit as much gore as possible in a half-hour news program?It's shameful,to say the least...please give the deceased the dignity they deserve.Rather show us pics of unidentified missing persons/bodies/victims...let's just all stick together now during a crisis like this...and am hoping against hope that these 'terrorists' be caught...
    And to the bloggers who created this...a pat on the back, my friends!

  14. We just heard that there is a young eight year old boy who is lying in the Bhagwati hospital -unidentified. Sadly I may not be the right one to identify him but I would like to offer anything that might help this child. Can someone direct me on the course of action and how I can ensure that we can get to help him. Please bear in mind that we are not currently based in India but would travel instantaneously if required to aid this child.

  15. We just heard that there is a young eight year old boy who is lying in the Bhagwati hospital -unidentified. Sadly I may not be the right one to identify him but I would like to offer anything that might help this child. Can someone direct me on the course of action and how I can ensure that we can get to help him. Please bear in mind that we are not currently based in India but would travel instantaneously if required to aid this child.

  16. Hello,

    I would like to help by offering my blog as a database place for posting photographs (image files in practically any format will do), any victim details, contacts etc. Ask anyone who can visit hospitals where the victims are located to e-mail you their e-mail contacts and I will do the rest. Please note I am not in India currently, but will access this site periodically to see if there are any e-mail IDs posted.

  17. I am looking for someone very dear to me. His Name is Raj Mehat (possibly Mehata?) and he is 32. If anyone knows if he is ok please please let me know. My name is Amanda and I can be reached at 1-830-589-3094 or by email at or at yesiamalsohere2 on yahoo messenger. It has come to my attention that his name may be common, so here are the only identifying charactaristics I know for him:
    He had previously injured his left hand (wrist). He had it wrapped with an ace bandage.
    His yahoo id is heights_emerald.
    He is 32.
    His birthday is June something (the 11th maybe, or the 9th?).
    If anyone knows him, please tell him I love him and please let me know he is ok. Thank you so much.

  18. Stand tall Mumbai. The world is with you. I was born in Mumbai and was shocked to hear the events of 7/11.

    One can only hope that peace prevails and a sense of civility encompasses all people of all faiths.

    Qadir Suleman, Mumbai/NY.

  19. we are a group of around 25 youth.
    we are willing to do anything required to assist the affected.

    please contact on 23700253/23729880. ask for rajshree.

  20. PLZ help mumbai blasts victims by actually not payin a penny
    Go to n light a candle sort of juz registration... juz register n it doesn take more than a min...CNNIBN PAYS A RUPEE FOR THE BLAST VICTIMS FOR EVERY REGISTRATION U n ma frens hv done it n i want u do it...spread da word s far s u cn...its a noble cause n do ur bit s i hv done mine...LETS KEEP D SPIRIT GOING...CHEERS

  21. Can you recommend any NGO that is accepting donations that will go towards helping the victims? I am from Bombay, but living in San Francisco, so it would have to be an NGO that can accept dollars online. I would be happy to forward this information to others in the US as well. Thank you,

  22. lissin all ppl livin in sion-dadar-matunga belt, come ffwd an help me in makin a light a candle 4 d dead programme. all those who can give me legal advice, help me in choosing a spot etc mail me on my id

  23. well... Shivaji Park is as good a site as any, for the area you're trying to cover. I guess you might need to get police permission for organizing the light-a-candle-event there. Try contacting the shivaji park police station. Contact details are available here...

  24. hi All,

    1st this blog is an excellent effort - absolutely fantastic idea guys!!..

    I'm an NRi in Australia and I'm wondering if there is a 'central' charity/organisation that has been set-up to direct donations etc as needed for the relief of the vicitims of the Mumbai blasts??..if so, could someone please let me know and I'll be happy to spread the word and do some fund-raising among my friends and colleagues in australia and send it through. Please contact me on:, thanks.


  25. To answer the charity/fund questions, the Times of India has started a fund-raising program.For more details check this site

    Also some more helplines :
    Helpline: + 91 22-22005388, 24451515, 24452222, 26207254

  26. This blog has marvellous collection of help info needed after mumbai blasts. Well done guys ..god bless of you all. Being away from the country, I am bit nervous but looking forward how can I help and donate money. I am a proud mumbaikar, missing mumbai spirit. keep up the good work..

  27. God Bless you all for all your endeavours!!

  28. This is for all those who've written in a spate of terror about the fear that the terrorists have managed to break into Mumbai Commuters..... Dont be dettered. There is a way to break out of this trap. Youre not stuck, youre alive and moving. Move, dont stop. NO place for fear......HELP yourself and pray for peace......It will come...

    Peace & Prayers

  29. Is there a local NGO that is helping with the relief efforts where we can make donations?

    I'm from Bombay but now settled in Toronto. There are many here that would wish to make donations but need soem guidance as to where the funds should be directed.

    Please let me know at

    Bless you all for your good work. Our prayers are with you.


  30. I wonder why you guys have left this place hanging in mid air. People coming to comment here aren't going to write bullshit. Spambots are not people and they can be handled differently. And the wiki must be open - what's with the registering and logging in into two or three other services.
    This is meant to be MumbaiHELP not mumbaiANNOYANCE.

    Ok, now to the MAIN POINT:

    Everyone relies on the mobile phone for communication. During floods and storms, mobile networks get jammed causing delay in information and panic in people's minds. Teh second level effects of this are not as harmless as the immediate effects. Lot more than just family members' worry is at stake. Crucial information, if not transferred can cause several deaths as well.
    We know that mobile networks ALWAYS get jammed. That's roughly because everyone tries to CALL UP.
    Instead, if we can pressurize the network companies to allow only SMS and NO VOICE messages or CALLS during such high traffic emergencies, we have a chance, albeit a bit slim.

    Actually, this should have been built into the design of the system, but these guys are hardly bothered about quality of service.


    If an OPEN-LETTER / PETITION is signed by about a thousand people, it can be forwarded to the CEOs of these companies and be published in newspapers and announced on TV and radio as well. So, on the day of the disaster, we have at least a 50-50 chance.

    We want an open letter. I'm not famous, but you guys are. You guys have made it to the elusive Sunday supplement during the Tsunami rehab phase.

    People will listen to you.

    Go ahead and write the letter. much of the draft is here already -copy-paste.

    Any of you reading this, if you are somebody who is anybody, especially with the PRESS, please, go ahead and do your bit. Newspapers respond only to gossip or buzz. So, we have to create a buzz.