Wednesday, 12 July, 2006

A time to heal

Leave thank you messages in this thread.

To the person who handed you a glass of water or a biscuit. To the school that let you sleep the night. To the stranger who gave you a lift. To the taxi driver who didn't put his meter down.

There'll be time for other stuff later.

Right now, reach out to heal.


  1. Taxi guy who did not put his meter down?? My experience was taxi guys waiting outside office (BKC) and fleecing people.

  2. Grace Santamaria12 July 2006 at 11:08 PM

    Id like to take this opportunity to tell all the Mumbaites who went out of their way to help those in need at this time of crisis, that i am proud of them. It just goes to show that we are not just any city, but A CITY WITH A HEART.
    Well Done Mumbaikars !!!Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank You to all the People of Mumbai who helped in reaching the Dead and Injured to Various Hospitals around Mumbai.....God Bless them and their families in this time of trial

  4. I am from London and all over the news they have been praising Mumbai for there efforts and community spirit. rest in peace to those who lost there life’s may god bless you and well done Mubaikars who have worked so hard you have shown what an amazing city you truly are.

  5. Urvish Khandwalla13 July 2006 at 7:59 AM

    Thank you to all the people of Mumbai for standing together side by side and overcoming this terrible incident. Also a very big thank you to the people maintaining this blog. You are really an angel. God bless all of you.

  6. Spontaneous selfless succour... that's what characterized the aftermath of the blasts rather than panic, chaos and xenophobia which was expected by the perpetrators. People acted as if it was the most natural thing in the world to open their hearts and homes to perfect strangers. Words are indeed not enough to express the gratitude and admiration for wonderful people of Mumbai. Thank you!

    That said... even I've heard first hand reports of cabbies at BKC charging a bomb for a short ride on Tuesday.

  7. Its from the incident when the bombblast took place and I was in Andheri.As all mumbaikars know that mobile phones were not going thru so most of them tried the Pco box from Railway Restaurant,Andheri
    The number of people were rising so a girl came up asking the guy to allow them to use the landline telephone which was inside the hotel, but he said he would allow that local call for Rs.5/-
    I was shocked to see this, we expect humanity from these people and they loot us.

  8. Heard the bollywood stars are going to perform on stages for funds so that they can donate it to the injured and dead but why you want funds from us, dont these bollywood stars, producers, directors etc etc have enough money to donate instead on entertaining and making us give our money for our own family.
    What Say???

  9. I am living in U.S for the past 2 years, I have been following the news about the blasts on and my heart saddens by the stories of people who have lost their loved ones, people who have been injured, politicians who are showing at hospitals just for publicity and ignoring the fact that they are causing inconvenience, people taking advantage of helpless people and hiking up rates (how can they think of making money at such a terrible time? they must not be Mumbai-ites)At the same time I am immensely proud of Mumbai-ites who rushed to help the deceased & injured to hospitals, who donated blood and volunteered, who offered food and beverages to stranded people,who gave lifts to total strangers,I would like to thank all of them for their selfless act. May the souls of the deceased rest in peace and the families who lost them have strength to endure their pain. Let's all pray for them & all the people affected. I don't care if reader's digest terms Bombay the rudest city, I have lived there and know that Mumbai-ites go out of their way to help anyone in trouble. I was a proud Bombay-ite before but am totally in awe now. I love my city.

  10. I had a similar experience, when the auto driver at my office gate asked me 50Rs. for a daily fare of 13Rs. I was shocked and blasted him and thought of walking home rather than paying him 50 bucks.
    I just felt if i could have taken him to the police.....