Wednesday, 12 July, 2006

Shelter for stranded people in South Mumbai

For this, and future emergencies, The Afternoon lists halls that will shelter stranded people in various parts of the city.Some extracts:
Besides the municipal schools, the government has identified 15 halls (relatively open spaces which can house many people amounting to those in schools, universities and wedding halls) in south Mumbai, as emergency shelters for those who are stranded incase of heavy flooding. On the days, expected to receive heavy rainfall, the government has asked these 15 places not to book their halls for any functions.


"We have identified 15 places in the areas in and around Churchgate and CST, so that people staying in the suburbs need not be stranded on the stations. We have also instructed the ‘A’ ward to provide food packages to those in the emergency shelters," said Vilas Vaidhya, Chief Officer, Disaster Management Plan.

According to the letters issued to the halls, there are seven days on which the city is expected to get flooded. "We received the list in the last week of May. It said, not to let the hall be booked on the following seven days - July 14, August 10, 11, 12 and September 8, 9, 10," said Ashok Tejuja, owner of Ashoka Hall, Nariman Point.
Ashoka Hall housed people who were stranded in the last year’s deluge, and so have many of the halls on the emergency shelter’s list. "Even if we were not issued a list, we would have helped the people voluntarily," added Tejuja.
Some names from the article:
Ashoka Hall
Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point
SNDT University
Kabibai School Trust.
The Sunderbai Hall, New Marine Lines
The Hindi Vidhya Bhavan, Marine Lines
KR Cama Hall.

Please note that the article quotes trustees and managers of the various halls, trusts and schools as saying they have received no notification from the government as yet.

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