Tuesday, 11 July, 2006

Mumbai's Spirit

My husband works at Dadar, on Tulsi Pipe road and we are at Khar. His route home passes Bandra, Matunga and Mahim stations, all affected by the blasts. I was nervous when he said he was leaving, but surprise surprise, he was home in an hour (which is as long as it takes for less than a 10 km run on a normal working day). He described to me what he saw ....

Lots of chaos as expected on the roads, many people walking home, cars stopping to offer lifts to people, locals - men, women, children - offering assistance right outside the stations where the blasts occured - with bottles of water and food and helping in any way they could. He said it was a sea of humanity.

There are reports that the railways will re-open the Western line late tonight or tomorrow - and i'm certain Bombay will be back to its business tomorrow. I just hope we stay calm through this, and there is no backlash as we saw in 1992-93.


  1. "... and i'm certain Bombay will be back to its business tomorrow."

    This is not a time to get back to business, this is a time to demand some action from those incharge for protecting you. This is a time to call for the revamp of the police and emergency response services, educate the common folk to be vigilant and hold the home minister and intelligence agencies accountable for their failures.

    Otherwise, you're the perfect soft targets the terrorists will continue to use to get their agenda onto the TV screens across the world.

  2. "Back in business" may not mean going on with life as if nothing happened... perhaps Dina meant getting on with life no matter what happens.

    I fully share your sentiments, but feel that it wasn't quite an appropriate response to Dina's post.

    My two cents.

  3. Hi Dina
    Glad you both are OK
    Love to you both

  4. "getting on with life no matter what happens"

    What a wonderful outlook in the face of such grave circumstances. India can be proud today for their handling of all this. Please know the thoughts and prayers of all Americans are with you.

  5. I am always amazed at the love and humility of the Indian people. The mention of people standing outside stations with water brings tears to my eyes. Oh India you are a great rising nation. Show the world your strength and courage.

  6. The spirit of Mumbai is indded invincible...but should u guys go on taking this crap....come on because u r capable of being resailient doesn mean the system takes u for granted....we r proud abt Mumbai s spirit...But Mumbai and the people there need to strike back...fight against it and not absorb it in their spirit.....How many more blasts do u ppl want to survive....Its not a moment of proud alone...I think u shld be intensely angry.....whose fault are u paying for......its ridiculous

  7. Such diverse reactions... anger, empathy, unity... even a two-cent gallant knight...

    From someone who has stood only feet away from fellow citizens ripped apart by the cowardly terrorist mutilation of the human spirit, I can only ask that individuals commenting take time to really consider what they are saying... and why they are saying it.

    Sometimes the obvious needn't be said.

    Sometimes we ALL have a voice.

    As sometimes we must be silent.

    And so your city has been violated.. as was mine.. as have many others. At times such as this, the true voice of a nation rises up. And it has so many variant attributes and intonations.

    But I would say to all who have felt the need to comment, pass by, note, reach out here... just stop for a second, look at yourself, see what mortality means to you. You are here and now, alive, breathing, conscious. Then simply embrace a life. Forget yourself. Forget transparent point scoring... needless rebuttal.. analysis.... overt nationalism...

    Think of someone you love. Keep your mouths and eyes sealed. Reach out to them. You are alive. So are they. Move up. Move on. There is so much anger and ignorance in this world... don't add to it.