Tuesday, 11 July, 2006

Central line functional

Services on western rainway suspended. But the central line is funtional.
The exact locations of the seven blasts, according to lastest updates, are: Matunga (some confusion about this: should be Matunga Rd, since central line is working), Mahim, Khar, Khar-Santa Cruz subway, Mira Road-Bhayandar, Jogeshwari and Borivli
The first blast at Khar at 6:25pm. The remaining within a space of 30 minutes.

Update: Deshmukh says more than 50 dead. AN Roy says 60. But this will change as information comes in. DCP Pasricha says 250 injured.
Getting worse by the minute. CNN-IBN says 40 dead, 50 injured at Matunga alone.

Update: Star says 8 blasts. Two in Borivli. One inside station. One outside.

Western railways enquiry: 131, 3061763

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  1. Atleast 20 peoples reported to be killed. This report is from News Channels. And just to note, on 7 th july 2005 London had observed similer blast series in it's tube rail.

  2. Atleast 20 killed in the blast. Note : on 7 th july 2005 similar blast series had observed in London in it's tube rail.

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  5. Rediff- 63 passengers have been killed in the blasts, and 400 injured