Wednesday, 12 July, 2006

Borivili blast rumour

There's a strong rumour going around about a blast at Borivili a little while ago.

I've just been in touch with several journo pals, and as of now, they say it's just a rumour. No confirmations that this is true.


  1. This is just a rumour. Just confirmed it from a radio channel too.

  2. i am a mumbaikar living in a foriegn country.i am proud of mumbai that the people are helping each other.mumbai is a city which will never stop.ofcourse everyone is scared of about what will happen next but they will never stop.they will work non-stop the help the other injured people

  3. i am a mumbaiate comeon lets end this hate campaign and try to coexist, Once again the spirit of mumbai has come out in the open,