Tuesday, 11 July, 2006

to send an SMS to a cellphone via email

Try this.

Send a message to phonenumber@carriername (you'll need to know the carrier name / service provider of the number you're dialling)

Hutch (formerly Orange): hutchinson.in
Airtel: airtel.in.mum
Idea: idea.in.mah
Reliance: reliance.in
Tata Tele: tatatele.in
MTNL: mtnl.in.mum
BPL Mumbai: bpl.in.mum
BPL Maharashtra: bpl.in.mah
Reliance Infocomm: reliance.in.infocomm

Update: This page has a form that will do the job for you: http://www.ananthapuri.com/mobile.asp

Update 2: See also: http://www.smsjunction.com/

Update 3: See also: http://www.krify.com/cell/

If you know of any other way to send SMSes via email, leave a comment in this post. Thanks.



  1. In case the above doesn't work. Try the methods on this site: http://www.ananthapuri.com/mobile.asp

    or at www.smsjunction.com

  2. Even if you dont know the provider just send them to all. it will bounce back from other providers as they wouldnt have the same number listed.

  3. Slightly off-topic, but incase you're stuck in transit and can't get through to anyone because lines are jammed, try using GPRS to send email or an MMS to an email address. Data services have been working fine all evening and I was able to communicate with my family via IM/chat.

  4. Also - for smsjunction - it requires you to register before sending.

    Please login as asdf , password asdf.

    Obviously this is only for the current situation. Please don't abuse - its not mine either.

  5. www.atrochatro.com 2 free sms to any number.. hope it works..i wanna help ppl.

  6. u can try this too I guess http://www.atrochatro.com/send_sms2_11032006.html

  7. Rediff BOL

    Rediff Bol also allows you upto 3 free SMS anywhere in India. (Upto 3 sms without any replies.).

    Although, I believe that jamming the phone network at this time is a bad idea. My cousin who was travelling in the train (khar blast) and he was able to inform all of us and spread the news asking everybody to get down from the train. Till that time 3 blasts had already occured. Anway, in such cases common public comes to rescure first in whatever way they can and communication for relief/support/SOS call is very essential in situation like this.

  8. Hello: Is there a charity set up to help the victims family, that is reilable? Please advise.
    D. Singh
    Vancouver Canada

  9. I have been sending free sms to my relatives in Inida through Yahoo Messenger with voice (beta version)

    S. S. Rana

  10. None of the email addresses mentioned in the principal blog above work. They should be removed as they may perhaps be misleading in times o emergenc

  11. for free sms try the following, it works even for reliance:


  12. Does anyone know how to determine what provider (airtel, or bsnl, or hutch) is given the cell number?

  13. Can anuone tell me for sending email to MTNL (Mumbai) & BSNL (Maharashtra)what should be there e.g. phone number@mms.att.net For reliance To:9193XXXXXXXX@ri.irisme.net It works !