Wednesday, 12 July, 2006

What next? Ideas for help

Shiladitya C has one
can do anything to help those who can't find their family/friends and are out there on the roads showing photographs to news reporters. there are quite a few of them. can we do anything to organise a search effort or at least compile data of the missing (with photographs and details of where seen last) and put it up so people in the area and those who are close to hospitals can do something about it?
Here's what he's doing about it, and he has a query for you:
I am going to the nearby hospitals and blast sites with a digicam, cellphone camera, pen and paper. I will try to get details and photographs from people who are looking for the missing. If possible, I'm going to try and get photographs of unidentified wounded and deceased at the hospitals.

Will come back with details and mail them across so we can build a database asap.

There might be others willing to do the same in their respective areas. Is there any way to reach them and ask if they'd want to help out?
The next step will be uploading these pictures to Flickr or some such. Anybody have a better idea?

Post your thoughts on next steps here on our wiki, or in the comments section of this post.


  1. Shiladitya- Read about what you are planning to do...Kudos to you and your initiative! :)

    If there can be a central place for the relatives'queries and searches to be addressed,which the tv and radio channels can communicate, it would be more convenient for them instead of running around with no clue where to go.


  2. I was trying to form a database of missing people and a database of unidentified survivors and deceased at hospitals.

    However, it is not easy to get permission for taking photographs at most hospitals. What we can still do is put up any other details we can procure at one organised forum that might help connect the missing to the people looking for them. It would be best if we can also circulate information of those that are still unidentified via tv/radio.

    Also, it would really help if we can put more manpower behind the effort.

  3. Tell me what I can do. I'm in the Andheri west area but can cover Cooper and Nanavati.

  4. 2mro a large no. of people are meeting in a gathering at azad maidan at arnd 6:30-7 in the evening. pls light candles in memory of the ppl who died yesterday n also as a peace thing so it wil b gr8 if u spread this mssg via email or sms to neone u know ...u need 2 get ur own candles n matchboxes

  5. also...if neone can get my post abt the azad maidan gatehring on the mainpage of this site or if they can get it on some prominent site pls psl go

  6. Anonymous,

    Pl. see my post in Help (Indian). See if there is a way for me to get your (and many others') e-mail IDs at this blog; I am hoping that people like you who are there on-site in Mumbai, and willing to help, can send me images, victim details (names, any contacts they can convey/remember, etc.) I will host these as a database on my blog. Thanks to all for your galant efforts.

  7. Hi,
    a friends wants to help. Can you guide her to an organization which is accepting cash / cheque donations?


  8. its really gud to help these people
    we can also collect fund frm local people to help them. As O-ve bloodgroup is rare so we can request people having rare bloodgroup to donate blood.