Tuesday, 11 July, 2006

ROADS___Refer to this link for traffic updates

Opera House to Pedder Road...jammed
Elphinstone; KEM...jammed
Tulsi Pipe Road...inching traffic

Will post updates and let u knw when these roads open up

Recived this via an SMS:
2 peopel
just came back from dadar
roads ar jammed
thsi side is ok
they tride froma cab. towards subrb its all jammed you cant go

Out off all the networks, Hutch is particularly bad...Airtel is the best. I dunno how that helps...but whatever.

people stuck near siddhi vinayak and prabhadevi van try seeking shelter at Rachana Sansad collegethey were planning on keeping the college open thru the night. Nos: 24301024 (extn:701,702,703,704)

A friend msged this:
We took the road from Hindu colony till Kings circle; it was not jammed. The main roads were jammed. Tell people to take inner lanes.

As of 11:pm, July 11, 2006...main roads including Western express highway and SV road still jammed. Travel at your own risk. I myslef am leaving office in another 15 mins. So will let u knw more details when i'm on my way. Will msg Peter and ask him to update.

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  1. Seems P D'Mello road that passes by the Harbour Line railway route is fine, according to a friend on the route. People desperate to get to the Central Suburbs from the business districts like Fort and Nariman Point should try this. BPT Road accessible from Reay Road, Sewri and Wadala (reaches Priyadarshini via IMAX Wadala) should also be relatively free. My wife just returned to Powai on the main roads from town and it took over 3.5 hours even though they left around 6:30 pm