Friday, 14 July, 2006

Regarding insurance

From our newsgroup:
Hi, I am trying to compile as much info on the procedure/documents needed for claiming compensation/insurance.

This will hopefully make things easier for the bomb blast victims (both survivors and next of Kin)

I have a list of the various private insurance companies operating out of mumbai and they have been most helpful.

I have yet to talk to the Railways because apparently the claims have to be made to the "Railway Claims Tribunal" for the compensation / medical reimbursement

If there is anyone of you who could shed some light/help please get in touch.


This is the info I have till now regarding the insurance/compensation.....

a) The state govt has already paid Rs 15,000/- to each of the deceased at the time of handing overt he body.

b) The state Govt has declared a compensation of 1 lac to each of the deceased.
Their people are visiting each house and verifying the death by taking 2 witnesses signatures from the building.
The person who visited Borivali was Mr Rahul cell [deleted]

b) the Railways has declared a compensation of 5 lacs to each of the deceased. I have been trying whole morning to get through to the concerned person at their Mumbai Central office .


c) I have a list of the insurance agencies which i will attach here shortly.

d)The papers needed by the insurance company in case the deceased was a policy holder are......

Claim Form.... Some companies have this attached to the policy itself, others will send you on eor ask your agent to get one for you.

Death Certificate.... since the death certificate takes time, most insurance companies are doing away with this and instead are accepting the letter/post mortem certificate certified by the railways.
This is the paper one would have got while getting the body Nominee... most policy holders would have nominated a nominee. In which case the nominee has to go to the insurance company with proper identification.

If no Nominee, then the heir/next of kin ( wife, father, mother, in that order) with proper identification and proof of relationship with the deceased has to be submitted.

In this case some companies will ask for a "letter of no objection" form the other heirs. This letter has to mention the person chosen on their behalf to receive the insurance

I will post more info as and when I get it

You could also email me at cassynaz[at]gmail[dot]com
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    LIC is easing norms for blast victims. LIC has also constituted special help desk at the divisional and branch offices to respond to the death claim inquiries and assist in expeditious settlement of claims.

    A help desk has been set up at the Churchgate station, where people can approach the LIC officials

    The LIC helpline numbers are:

    * 9892590175
    * 9869089079
    * 9819059797
    * 9870148947
    * 9967221699


    Claimants can contact the Compensation Claims Cell between 9 am and 7 pm on 22035516, 22122793, 22122593 or email at or till July 22.

  2. R K Shetty, one of India’s leading insurance agents and financial advisers, while conveying his condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives in the serial train bomb blasts 2 days ago, has offered to help the families in a special way.

    He has offered to assist the near and dear ones of those who were killed or injured, in making insurance or medical claims.

    Those who need assistance can get in touch with him on the following numbers.
    (022) 24360696 / 24371447 (Mumbai)
    tudent victims of Terror Tuesday are entitled to claim a separate compensation from the Mumbai University. “We have a General Insurance Scheme under which we will grant compensation to students. It covers all accidents, not just the bomb blasts,” said Dr. Vijay Khole, the Vice-Chancellor of the University.
    This General Insurance Scheme is called Yuva Raksha and was started in the academic year 2001-2002 with the National Insurance Company. Under it, all students who are a part of the Mumbai University, or a part of colleges affiliated with the university, are entitled to compensation in case of injury due to accident, or death due to accident. The insurance is only given to students above the age of 18.
    The premium of this scheme is paid by students at the time of their admission. “Students pay Rs. 20 to Rs. 35 to their colleges, along with the admission fees. So the college has the list of students who have paid the insurance premium. If a student who is on the list has an accident, then he is compensated,” said Girish Narvekar of the National Insurance Company who is in charge of the University’s insurance scheme. In case the students are studying though correspondence, then the application will be made to the management of the course they have chosen.
    If there has been a case of death due to accident, then the student’s relatives can approach the management of the college the student was studying at and make an application for compensation. “The relatives have to submit a death certificate and the post-mortem report to the college. The college then forwards the information to us,” said Narvekar.
    In case of injuries due to accident, the student has to submit the police FIR and hospital bills to the college management who will pass the information to the National Insurance Company. “In both the cases, we will grant them an amount of Rs. 50,000,” said Narvekar.
    However, till now, he has not received any claims from bomb blasts victims.