Thursday, 13 July, 2006

E-Candles @ CNN-IBN

(from e-mail forwards and a comment on this blog)

Please visit the following link and light an e-candle for the Mumbai Victims. For every candle lit - CNN-IBN channel is giving 1 Rupee to the victims. Please send this to as many people as you know:

(The page was a little sluggish the last time I checked. Please be patient.)


  1. I've done it quite a few times and yes it is true, the page takes time to load and sometimes we get a msg that servers are down.
    It is essential to show some patience over here...

    Also!! There are few people who are speaking against this "light the candle" thing...
    I hv one msg for them ~

    "Lighting a candle also signifies a lot of other things, irrespective of whether the other party donates the re or no.
    I light a candle for peace of my soul. As my prayer to the Almighty so that the soul of those who have died rest in peace and those who are injured get well soon."


  2. I wonder why they solicit email addresses and phone numbers? I sincerely hope they won't use this information for commercial gain.