Sunday, 31 July, 2005

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  1. Hey .. just started my own blog for pretty much the same reasons - the frustration of not finding so much help from the authorities, etc. in this time of crises - but then i found you guys and well - great job, guys! thanks for the info and the help !

  2. Hello Everyone,

    This is John Varghese writing from Pennsylvania, U.S. I have been here since 5 months on an onsite assignment.

    I have a family consisting of my father, mother and a sister back home.

    As you all are aware, Mumbai city witnessed one of the greatest display of natures fury in recent times. There has been destruction on a large scale.

    My family stays at a small village called Mharal which is four kilometers away from Kalyan. People generally dont know where Mharal is simply because its a village and never in any sort of limelight. Its a fact that no courier person from Mumbai could exactly locate my place and I have lost many important information and sometimes money too because of this.

    Most of the people who stay here at Mharal, work at Century Rayon Chemicals, one of the biggest producers of Rayon and Nylon in the country. The company is very close to our village. Century Rayon High School is the famous school in the vicinity. I am one of the proud students of this school. The river Ulhas, flows close by to this village. So there is a constant fear of floods in the monsoon season. If you travel by road from Kalyan to the famous Titwala Sidhivinayak Mandir, you will definitely come across Mharal.

    July 26th was one of the worst days that Mharal had seen. Houses in Mharal were submerged under water and the only thing that is left with people are their lives. They have nowhere to go and they are completely dependent on others for their basic necessities like food and drinking water. Telephone lines are completely out of order and the whole place is in a mess.
    Even my family has lost everything and they will have to start everything from scratch all over again.

    I wrote this article to bring to the attention of each and everyone reading this that there is a place in the world called Mharal which desperately needs help at this time of crisis.
    I think this is the least I could do for my Mharal.

    Any suggestions, comments are always welcome.

    John Varghese.

  3. suggest you use a wiki. or if you are using one, display the link prominently. helps keeping the info structured...


  4. map suggestion: today's HT (Mumbai ed) has a good map of the city as did yesterday's (Sunday) Mid Day. Both good ref maps.

  5. just a warning to people from outside the city, as well as some within, I guess, that most of the footage on television is out of date -- NDTV at least is looping footage from Wednesday/Thursday and labelling it live, and most airport footage is out of date.
    Yesteray airport images aired at 4pm were taken at 10-30-11, so please take footage with a grain of salt

  6. Mumbai is crippling reports are that western express highway and eastern express highway are operation however the high tide started at 10.30 am and few areas off western express , eastern express higway, SV road have starterd flooding. Be cautious if any one is planning to venture out ...

  7. Sunil, Dilip, can you ask John, to mail me at (john's emailID is not listed on his blogprofile).
    I just called up one long-time friend from kalyan. She stays in doodhnaka with her family. As rightly pointed out by John, she had little idea of this place - though she has heard of Ulhas river and century rayon. I have asked her (and some of my folks from mumbra) to find about marhal ASAP, and ping me.

    Hopefully by morning (ie 6hrs from writing this comment -its 2:30am in Austin), we shd hv an early updt abt this place, and I can personally call up John and convey the message.

    John, if you are reading this, pls write to me asap.

  8. Hello everyone - I am from Bangalore and have been watching the news for the last 10 days like many others here

    while 900 plus mm of rainfall (deserves to be called a waterfall) in a day could not have been anticipated, the yearly deluge of monsoon rains should have been cause for some minimum anticipatory measures

    Now that it has happened, what is immediately required is supply of instant food to the affected areas, similar to any flood situation in Assam or Bihar - in the absence of electricity and transport, people would be starving

    Mumbaikars are like our own brothers and sisters - on my part, I can use up my entire monthly food coupons to buy food items and send them over to Mumbai for distribution and at least a dozen of my friends/colleagues would be willing to do so - but how do I reach the people, through which source ?

    after the December Tsunami disaster last year, we all contributed 20% of our salaries to a reliable NGO for rehabilitation of the affected people

    please let me know how I can help

  9. For the most accurate weather forecast, please check out the following link.....

    This "predicted" the Tuesday showers as well as the Sunday showers - it also says that we are going to have another "great" session from Wednesday night to Thursday night (i.e Aug 3-4).

  10. Scarcity of "ALUM'

    If alum is not available to clean the water, one can use the alternate as using the water from a copper vessel. But, water should be stored for 10 to 12 hrs. Copper ion has got the power to kill the bacteria.

  11. My son wants to come around 9pm from IIT to VT by a bus today. Are the roads safe? Can he leave that place by 9pm?

  12. Well, I don't see how blogging is helping anyone. 3 months after the Mumbai floods, and I don't see any action being taken. You can check out my blog on the current state of the now famous Mithi River at Mithi River: Man-made Nallah. I have the recent photos of the so-called river on the blog. Do check it out. Everything seems to be falling on deaf ears, but I am just writing this to make people aware of how they are being cheated by the politicians. I hope that people would be literate enough to understand and vote against these ugly politicians.

  13. people unable to call relatives could sms on this public sms board at

  14. Hi i am traveling to mumbai on saterday and have to get a train to rajkot i come from u.k and am very concerned i wish all people of mumbai well.

  15. hello citizens,
    i think that the clean up ,and bmc should be on their toes to see that no pamphlets should be distributed outside school and colleges which creates a bad impression to others and makes the surroundings dirty ,a good job has to be done by stopping all this matter