Saturday, 30 July, 2005

Resources and essential services in Mumbai

Karmayog, a "site linking Mumbai-based nonprofits and volunteers", has got a section on their site that deals with the aftermath of the floods. They state their objectives thus:
a) asking for support - of materials, services, volunteers, money
b) offering support - government, corporates, ngo's, individuals, lists
c) examples of what happened - personal stories, photos, published reports.
d) suggestions and ideas and reasons - the type of letters you would send to a newspaper
e) to be used as a nodal point for pan-Mumbai orgs like AGNI, Rotary Clubs, Lion Clubs, all schools, etc.? e.g. helpline, tie-up with FM stations or police stations or railway stations, etc.
They have a useful list of resources, including 24-hour chemists, ambulance services, hospitals, police stations, free medical services and other essential services. They also have a good description of how the local administration is set up, with ward-by-ward listings.

(Link via email from Falstaff.)

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