Friday, 29 July, 2005

Surviving Mumbai


40 inches of rain can bring Mumbai to its knees. Here is an attempt to list articles, addresses, people, places, anything that will help when disaster hits Mumbai next time.

This is a forum of like minded people who want to Survive Mumbai.


  1. Nice articles and a very good initiative

  2. Bollywood and the TV industry draws hordes of migrants into Mumbai (
    mainly from up North), which is already creaking under overpopulation.
    I wish we Indians were less star-struck.
    It's a pity.
    The government should shift the film and TV industry out of Mumbai and
    at least do a little damage control.
    Next they should deport the illegal Bangladeshis living in slums.
    Or we will see another collapse like Terrible Tuesday. (26th July, 2005)

  3. Hi - I've stayed in Bombay (sorry, but I just can't call it Mumbai) all my life. I don't think this city will last too long.

    At the risk of raving, ranting and saying what we've heard before, I think indifferent and self-absorbed residents will keep electing corrupt politicians.

    We've taken too much for too long because our life goes on ok, even if the city goes to hell. This holds true for everyone, from slum dwellers to those in the lap of luxury.

    All the ideas on this blog look great and sound like people who have the fatal disease - hope.

    Well, here's my hope. I hope that when this city is reborn (its death is certain), it's a better one.