Thursday, 27 November, 2008

Law enforcement officers killed

TV reports say that the chief of the Anti Terrorism Squad, Hemant Karkare and DIG Ashok Kante have been killed.

Another officer, Vijay Salaskar is just reported to have have been killed too.



  1. Terrrible Terrible News. Makes ur heart Sink.

    R.I.P. Karkare, Salaskar and other martyrs.

    We Owe You.
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  2. We in America are hoping for the best for you all.

  3. These daily blood spilling of innocent Indians is heart piercing. Though I am very faint at heart cannot dare to see the blood bath; but I really want to slit their throat, rip them apart, slaughter them and would do any thing to wet my hands with blood of these coward murderers so called Jehadis.........


  4. We must make sure these great policemen did not die in vain!! We must focus as citizens on sending the message to our leaders.Our braveheart policemen died because they did not know who they were going to tackle nor the fact that they were better armed and expecting these very policemen to arrive.No policeman must have to deal with 'No intelligence' and 'Inferior weapons' anymore.For a change lets learn from our mistakes.We owe it to the bravehearts