Sunday, 30 November, 2008

Cincinnati: Special Prayer Meeting on 30th November

Via Khush Karamchandani at the Hindu Society of Greater Cincinnati:

In response to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai. the Hindu Society of Greater Cincinnati will be holding a "Shanti Path" (peace prayer) to commemorate the lives of the departed, to give spiritual strength to the survivors, and to aid in the recovery of this catastrophe. The prayer will be held at 12:30 p.m. Sunday (Nov 30) at the Hindu Temple of Creater Cincinnati, 4920 Klatte Road, Union Township, Clermont County.

The recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India have resulted in unimaginable death and destruction, and have inflicted intense pain and anguish across the globe. This terrible tragedy is not just confined to the city of Mumbai, but is an open attack on humanity as a whole. In this time of deep grief and consternation, our prayers, support, and solidarity are with the people affected by this terrible tragedy.

For further information contact Khush Karamchandani at +15132594016 Raj Bodalia at +15135046328 or the Temple at +15135283714

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