Tuesday 11 July, 2006

Stay wherever you are

Hello all,

I'm stuck at my office. I'm bound to get reliable info here. Just stay where you are. The roads are all jammed as all the people who were already on their way when the blasts occurred are trying to get home. If you are stuck in office, be thankful that you have food, water, electricity and internet. Just stay. Btw, 4 blasts confirmed. Not sure of Borivali blast.

Lastly, try not to call everyone and anyone you know to see if their safe. If they are not safe, sorry to sound harsh, but they won't be taking your calls anyway. So stop trying to jam phone lines.

For the next couple of hours, I'll try to keep you updated on which roads are convenient to go by. The Elphinstone bridge heading to KEM hospital is bad as injured are taken to KEM. So there is a camp of media reporters and police officials out there. More updates coming up...

Update by Peter: "Maya" is a reporter with a city newspaper.

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  1. hi I am in my office in Worli. I need to go to chembur ( my home). Do you think i should stay here till next morning ?