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Swine Flu - A statement by The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai

This came to us by email, and we assume that it's okay to reproduce it here. It's up to you to read, understand, check references and decide whether it's good sense or new age mumbo-jumbo.

Statement by The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai.

Swine Flu : Here is what we know and what we can do

The Health Awareness Centre was started in 1989 to empower people to be healthy without medicine. We have taken time to formulate a statement as we wanted to not create heat but create light.

In the last month or so the media frenzy and government reports on swine flu has only added to the fear and panic associated with it. If we are to fight this so called pandemic we need to start by understanding what it is.


We have been told that Swine flu is a virus (H1N1) that is transmitted from pigs to humans causing flu like symptoms. The treatment for swine flu currently is Tamiflu (oseltamivir) or Relenza (Zanamivir). Tamiflu (oseltamivir phosphate) is approved for treatment of uncomplicated influenza A and B in children 1 year of age or older. It is also approved for prevention of influenza in people 13 years or older. It’s part of a group of anti-influenza drugs called neuraminidase inhibitors, which work by blocking a viral enzyme that helps the influenza virus to invade cells in your respiratory tract. According to the Associated Press at least one financial analyst estimates up to $388 million worth of Tamiflu sales in the near future -- and that's without a pandemic outbreak. Tamiflu is loaded with side effects including death and can only reduce symptoms by 36 hours.

The first outbreak of swine flu was in 1918 (aftermath of WWI), followed by one in 1976, then in 1988, 1998, 2007 (minor episodes are always happening) and now in 2009. Since the first out break about 90 years ago there hasn’t been a single episode in which this disease was effectively managed by conventional medicine.

The current so called pandemic started in Mexico and from there spread to USA and widely beyond North America with confirmed cases in 122 countries by WHO.
WHO has declared that scientific evidence shows that restricting travel will have limited or no benefit in stopping the spread of the virus. WHO has emphasized quick response rather than halting growth and spread of the virus. And instead of a uniform global plan WHO has most countries banking on mass vaccination, with the release of the vaccine expected soon. Manufacturing of the vaccine had started even before the first case of swine flu had been registered with Pharma corporations applying for patent about a year before the first reported case.

In 1918 the death of one soldier triggered the government to order mass vaccination for the whole country of USA. When the vaccine was introduced during the 1976 swine flu epidemic it resulted in 25 deaths. Only one person died of the so called actual disease whereas 25 died of the vaccination and 500-600 were paralyzed (Guillian Barre syndrome) by the vaccine. The manufacturers had to pay $1.3 billion in compensation (do we have those benefits in our country?)


Every seed requires a soil to germinate. Similarly every virus requires an environment to become active. The swine flu virus is no exception. The virus like all other germs and viruses requires an acidic environment to become active.
We have seen that with every generation humans have become smarter and better. This is evolution. Every other organism too evolves. The new strain of the flu we see every year is only evolved strains of the same virus. And hence though we call them by different names e.g. common flu virus, bird flu virus, swine flu virus, H1N1they all produce the same set of symptoms. Vaccinating ourselves against a particular strain only seems to increase our immunity against that specific virus while decreasing overall general immunity.

Each year time, money and resources are spent to develop a vaccine only to have a new ecologically evolved germ the nest year, unaffected by the previous vaccine.

Vaccinating ourselves against a particular strain only seems to increase our immunity against that specific strain of the virus (which in a year will evolve) while bringing down overall general immunity. Each year huge amounts of time money and resources are spent on developing these vaccines only to have a new ecologically evolved strain of the virus, against which the vaccine is ineffective.

To maintain health our body needs to perform 3 functions on a daily basis viz. cleaning, maintaining and repairing. To be able to do all 3 effectively our blood needs to be at a pH of 7.325. If we with our lifestyle make our blood acidic then body regains balance by throwing the acid out.

Moral of the story is its best to let our body handle its own defenses. Our body has been equipped with the most sensitive and efficient defense system. That is why as soon as our body realizes it is under a viral attack it produces large amounts of mucous to trap the virus at the entry point (respiratory system). It then expels this virus through coughing and sneezing. Fever is a hyperactive state of functioning. The body raises the temperature because at raised temperatures our metabolic activity is faster. High temperatures also curb the activity of the virus as it requires lowered temperatures to breed. We feel more sleepy and weak because our body does not want to waste precious energy in physical activity. The loss of appetite occurs because the body does not want to waste vital energy digesting foods that leave behind a toxic residue.

At this time it is important that we support the body by making sure our internal environment is not conducive for viral activation i.e.
We are alkaline and
We boost our immunity to be able to deal with anything that comes our way and
We have the energy to do so.

We can do this by
• Increasing the quantity of fruits, lemon and ginger. (helps in cleaning and giving energy).
• Reducing our cooked meals to only once or twice a day. (conserves energy)
• Avoid those that leave behind a toxic, acidic residue viz. grains, milk and milk products, sugar, fried foods and meat. (to maintain alkalinity)
• Use more herbs and spices. (to boost our immunity)

If we have already started showing symptoms of the flu rest physically and digestively, through the above ways.


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