Tuesday, 1 July, 2008

Danger days - 2008

These dates and times are the ones where very high rainfall is bad news for the city, because they coincide with the highest tides, which means closed sluice gates and higher chances of flooding, since the rain water has nowhere to go.

2nd July 1152 hrs
3rd July 1237 hrs
4th July 1325 hrs
5th July 1410 hrs
6th July 1454 hrs
7th July 1537 hrs

1st August 1220 hrs
2nd August 1302 hrs
3rd August 1341 hrs
4th August 1420 hrs

30th August 1158 hrs
31st August 1220 hrs
1st September 1307 hrs

Info courtesy an email from Sunil Shibad.

3-day forecast from the India Meteorological Department (+ the forecast from the IMD's Regional Meteorological Centre for the city), 5-day forecast on the BBC, 5-day forecast from Yahoo, 5-day forecast on Weather Underground, 6-day forecast on WeatherForecast, 6-day forecast on Weather City, Accuweather.

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