Saturday, 30 June, 2007

More on the flooding in the suburbs

I travelled from Lokhandwala Complex (Andheri) to Prabhadevi and back, and here's the eyewitness report :)

Things are fine from the Century Bazaar signal to Turner Road junction. No flooding whatsoever on both Cadell Road and LJ road.

Intermittent flooding from Turner Road Jn. onward.

Major problem spots (approx. knee-deep or higher):
* Turner Rd. Jn. to Khar Stn. on S. V. Road
* Santacruz bus depot (nr. Milan subway) to Nanavati Hospital
* Vileparle Jn. (near Mithibai College) to Juhu Gully

Minor flooding (Approx calf deep):
* parts of Juhu 10th Road
* Santacruz Police Station (Airplane garden on Linking Road) to Arya Samaj
* Some bylanes in Santacruz between S V Road and Linking Road (North Avenue, West Avenue)
* Indian Oil Nagar Jn. (Andheri West)
* Lokhandwala Circle
* All roads leading to the fomer JVPD circle (Nr. JVPD bus depot). The junction itself was strangely above water.

This is all info as of about 3 hrs. ago. Things are looking better now, and the water's receding.

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