Tuesday, 5 December, 2006

Traffic precautions alert

The following is a press note issued by the Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic. Please keep it in mind for today through Thursday (7th Dec). If you plan to commute north-south or vice-versa in this period, I'd say avoid taking out your car as far as possible and use local trains instead. If you have to, then you might be better off taking Tulsi Pipe Road and JJ Flyover.


From: Joint Commr. of Police, traffic
To: jcptraffic@mumbai-police.com
Sent: 02/12/2006 9:10 PM
Subject: Traffic arrangements on 6th Dec. 2006 at Shivaji Park.


On account of celebration of 50th Death Anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on the 6th December, 2006 “Mahaparinirvan Din”, a large number of followers of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar will be visiting Chaitya Bhoomi, Dadar. The followers of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar would start congregating in Mumbai from 5th December 2006 to 7th December 2006. In view of the congregation on large scale, at and around Shivaji Park, the movement of the vehicular traffic will be affected on the following roads:-

1) S.V.S. Road.
2) Ranade Road
3) N.C. Kelkar Road
4) Keluskar Road (South), Keluskar Road (North)
5) L.J. Road
6) Gokhale Road (South), Gokhale Road (North)
7) Kataria Road.
8) Tilak Bridge
9) S.K. Bole Road
10) Bhavani Shankar Road

In view of the above, the motorists are advised to plan their journey accordingly to avoid unnecessary delay. They are further advised
to use Senapati Bapat Marg, N.M. Joshi Marg and Dr. B.A. Road as far
as possible.

In order to ensure smooth flow of traffic, traffic police would be imposing following restrictions from 08.00 hrs on 05-12-2006 till 07th December, 2006.


(1) S.K. Bole road will be one way from Siddhivinayak Junction upto
Hanuman Temple i.e. No Entry from Hanuman Temple.

(2) Bhavani Shankar Road will be One way from Hanuman Temple/
Kabutar Khana upto its Junction with Gokhale Road (South) i.e. No Entry from Gokhale Road South viz. Gopinath Chavan Chowk except BEST Buses & emergency utility services.

(3) S.V.S. Marg from Siddhivinayak Junction upto Hinduja Hospital
will be closed for Vehicular Traffic (Local residents can go upto Road No 5 i.e. Pandurang Naik Marg Junction from Hinduja Hospital)

(4) Ranade Road will be closed for all types of vehicular traffic.

(5) Dnyaneshwar Mandir Road will be closed for all types of
vehicular traffic from its junction with S.V.S.Road upto Dadar Chowpatty.

(6) If necessary, the vehicular traffic except BEST buses &
Emergency and utility services will be closed from Dadar T.T.

(7) Kataria Road will be closed for vehicular traffic from L.J. Road
upto Hinduja Hospital.

(8) S.V.S. Marg from Mahim Junction upto Kapad Bazar (Sitaladevi
Rd.) junction will be closed for South bound Vehicular Traffic between 07.00 hrs. and 14.20 hrs.

(9) All heavy vehicles, goods vehicles including tempos except BEST
buses will be diverted from Mahim Junction via Mori Road towards Senapati Bapat Road.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PEDESTRIANS :- Pedestrian visiting ‘Chityabhumi’ will not be allowed on N.C. Kelkar Road from Plaza Talkies upto Gadkari Chowk. They are advised to use Ranade Road or may walk from Raja Badhe Chowk.

Parking restrictions will be imposed from 08.00 hrs on 05-12-2006 till 21.00 hrs on 07.12.2006 on either sides of the following roads :-
1. S.V.S. Road.

2. Ranade Road

3. N.C. Kelker Road

4. Kelusker Road (South), Kelusker Road (North)

5. L.J. Road

6. Gokhale Road (South), Gokhale Road (North)

7. Kataria Road.

8. Tilak Bridge

9. S.K. Bole Road

10. Bhavani Shankar Road


SOUTH BOUND TRAFFIC :- ( From 12.00 on 6/12/2006 onwards)

(1) South bound vehicular traffic coming from Western Suburbs via Bandra to take left turn below Bandra Fly Over Bridge, go upto Kalanagar junction, take right turn to proceed to Dharavi T junction and further on via Sion Station or 60 ft Rd Dharavi.

(2) South bound vehicular traffic coming along Western Express Highway
to take left turn at Kalanagar junction, below Flyover to proceed to Dharavi T junction and further on via Sion Station or 60 ft Rd Dharavi.

NORTH BOUND TRAFFIC :- ( From 14.00 on 6/12/2006 onwards)

(1) North bound vehicular traffic coming from Colaba & C.S.T. to use P D'mello Rd., Barister Nath Pai Marg, Zakeria Bunder Rd., R.A.K.Marg upto Matunga Arora bridge then right turn along Dr. B.A.Rd, and further on via Sion Hospital Junction.

(2) North bound vehicular traffic coming from Crawford Market to use J.J. Flyover bridge, Khada Parsi Statue, B.A.Rd., Dadar T.T. fly over and further on.

(3) North bound vehicular traffic coming from Haji Ali onwards to use K.K. Marg, Mahalaxmi Rly Station junction, Jacob Circle, Sane Guruji Marg, Chinchpokli, Lalbaug, Dr. B.A. Rd., Dadar T.T. Fly over and further on.

(4) North bound vehicular traffic coming from Mahalaxmi Rly Station via Dr.E.Moses Rd to use Senapati Bapat Rd.

(5) North bound vehicular traffic coming from Worli may use Pandurang Budhkar Marg below Elphiston Bridge and to proceed either via Senapati Bapat Marg or Elphiston Bridge, Parel T.T. Dr. B.A.Rd. and further on.

(6) Parking of vehicles will be prohibited on the following roads on 6/12/2006 from 14.00 onwards

1. Keshavrao Khade Marg ( Haji Ali Jn. to Mahalaxmi Rly Stn)
2. Dr. E. Moses Road (Mahalaxmi Rly Stn to Worli Naka)
3. Sane Guruji Marg (Mahalaxmi Rly Stn to Chinchpokli Jn.)

* These Traffic Arrangements are subject to change in case of any emergency.


Please forward this message to your friends who may be interested in having traffic updates of Mumbai City. Issued in public interest by Traffic Police H.Q, 87, Sir Pochkhanwala Road, Worli Mumbai. For details please log on http://www.trafficpolicemumbai.org


PS - For maps on the areas affected by these events and mobile numbers of police personnel in charge of specific areas, please visit the e-paper website of Mumbai Mirror. (Registration required)


  1. your blog is quite informative . nice work done

  2. The whole world needs an extreme solution to an extreme act. Just a simple law that punishes the terrorist. Anyone that commits an act of terrorism whill have their whole clan abolished. Simple no military resources needed. since we already know who the perpetrators are, after terrorist act. We just gather up the whole clan and abolished them. This will make the terrorist think twice before murdering innocent civilians, because they will pay with the innocence of their own clan.

  3. I salute your effort towards mumbai blasts and its victims...

    I do not condemn these coward attacks.

    God Bless the deceased !

  4. I feel this attck is an act against America and its Nuclear deal with India that Bush had just signed before the Elections.There are certain parties not happy with this overture by the US.If any chance to locate US and British or Jewish Citizens by these Terrorists is an indication that these people arent against Hindu India but against US and its close strobg allies.Maybe Pakistan itself had nothing to do with this.These people may have crossed the border somewhere got a boat or got off-loaded from a ship and attacked a target close to the sea as internal insurgency would have been difficult.It could have been any coastal site. Morganlal USA CA.